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What we do

We are essentially your outsourced marketing department. If you don't have the luxury of an in-house marketing person or need someone extra in your team, we're here for you.  We can help - from big thinking to just getting the job done: 


  • writing a marketing plan,

  • implementing marketing projects,

  • providing outsourced marketing manager support on an hourly basis,

  • managing shoots – still or moving,

  • getting you online and social, 

  • business positioning,

  • competitive and industry trend analysis,

  • market segmentation,

  • creative thinking and idea generation,

  • graphic design,

  • event displays,

  • copywriting,

  • just making sense of the marketing jungle.


Our mission is to be an extension of your team, working closely to help you set and smash your marketing goals. We are happiest when you are winning.


We're a small Auckland-based business and run a lean well-oiled machine. Being small makes us nimble and put simply, we just get things done - on time, on budget. 




We don’t believe we can do everything for you. We stick to what we know. However, having worked in the industry for a few years now, we have a wee black book of trusted partners who are experts in their fields and we can hook you up with a safe set of hands.

What we don't do

"We refer to Sarah as our marketing guru and quite simply couldn’t do without her! Extremely efficient, thorough and we have enjoyed her more personal touch as opposed to the big agencies we have used in the past. Thank you Sarah!"

- Hannah

"I just love Sarah’s energy, enthusiasm and passion for finding out what is going to work best for my business. She listens and she delivers. She has great writing skills and I’ve had wonderful feedback on her work."

- Jo

Rules of engagement

We’ve got some rules for how we work together that ensures it is a great journey for everyone. 


  1. We make sure all the right stakeholders are on the bus at the beginning of the journey, and keep them all informed during the ride

  2. We have strong briefs, with clear expectations and deliverables so nothing is lost in translation and the goal posts don’t move mid game.

  3. We always look at projects objectively, drawing back to the strategy. Don’t get personal.  

  4. Good chat is encouraged; open, honest and frequent communication is imperative.

  5. Have fun! 

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