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Hi there

Welcome to Incognito, the marketing communications business that likes to stay under the radar.


Why? Because it is not about us. It's about you. You and your customers.


You will probably find our site a bit plain. That’s intentional. We invest our time in your brand.


So what do we do? We help you do really smart marketing.


Do you need some help with your marketing? Do you need to grow your sales, connect with more people, position your business better, refresh your brand or create a better internal culture?


You've come to the right place. We’ve worked in the big game, seen how it all works, and have a genuine commitment to see your business grow through effective marketing strategy.


Consider us your undercover marketing arm. 

"Sarah has been exceptional. Her clarity of message, her clear and concise communications and her execution is a real breath of fresh air. For a small company we often find ‘marketing speak’ a little convoluted and self-ingratiating and are put off by this. Not with Sarah, she is excellent."

- Steve

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